MRBN offers technical assistance to organizations interested in building upon their knowledge of trauma and integrating practices and procedures that advance their work to be trauma-informed.

Our work always begins with an assessment to understand the unique needs of each organization, build upon past work, and discuss goals for future work. 

MRBN’s Resilience Responsive Workplace Program is designed to create healthy workplaces and a resilient culture across entire organizations. We work closely with leadership to build upon previous work or understandings to move forward to a trauma-informed and resilience-responsive workplace. 


  • Organizational and individual assessment to meet organizations where they are in the process of becoming trauma-informed

  • Training on the impact of trauma on individuals served, as well as staff and coworkers 

  • Learning how to effectively support a healthy workplace culture for all

  • Leadership planning to support organizational change and culture shifts

We look forward to working with you to determine the best approach for your business, group, or organization. For more information, please contact

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