Maine Resilience Building Network produced this series of reports in order to share data, provide context, and update progress on Cultivating Mattering for Maine Youth.

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In 2020, MRBN launched Cultivating Mattering for Maine Youth with the release of this white paper, which calls attention to the mounting evidence that a lack of social connectedness is contributing to an epidemic of diseases of despair among young people.


MRBN convened Thought Leader Roundtables on Cultivating Mattering for Maine Youth on December 3 and 9, 2020. The Thought Leaders included state government leaders, educators and educational administrators, business leaders, representatives of philanthropic organizations, health providers, advocates for priority populations, and subject matter experts. This report summarizes those conversations and offers recommendations for next steps.

From January-March 2021, MRBN hosted Community Conversations in Maine's nine Public Health Districts. Nearly 500 people participated, sharing Youth Mattering ideas, concerns, and success stories from communities throughout Maine. Two overarching themes emerged: Safe Spaces & Small Acts. This report shares observations from participants and offers recommendations for next steps.

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