Maine Resilience Building Network

In 2011, a research study and report called “Working with Adverse Childhood Experiences: Maine’s History, Present, and Future” was conducted for the Maine Children’s Growth Council Health Accountability Team. The Maine Resilience Building Network was formed the following year.

The Maine Resilience Building Network’s mission is to promote resilience in all people by increasing the understanding of the impacts of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and the importance of building resilience through protective factors such as positive relationships.

The Maine Resilience Building Network is a 501c3 and welcomes new members at any time. MRBN is a statewide organization. We host network meetings  4-5 times a year to convene our members and offer professional development from subject matter experts. Through the network meetings, participants introduce their organizations, exchange  highlights and promising practices, innovative work and successes/challenges. Built into the meeting is intentional networking time,  for informal sharing and deeper conversations to learn from one another. The network is the heart of MRBN.  

The Maine Resilience Building Network collaborates across many sectors to support and improve the health and well-being of Maine’s children, families and communities. This includes statewide programs, educators, state programs, coalitions and organizations.

We provide education and capacity building technical assistance on the science of ACEs, resilience, mattering, and systems change. 
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